After we won the 1999 NCAA Championship, we went here

My sister Dori, her son/my nephew Adam, a movie star, and my oldest friend Mike Quillman.  This was taken at Disneyland, sometime around... oh... maybe... August 5, 1999.  Or was it May 8th?  I'm not quite sure.

(A challenge to all you photo detectives out there:  Study the evidence for clues and see if you can figure out how I'm able to recall the date with such specificity.)

I must beg Dori and Adam's forgiveness for not including this photo on the Family page. Excuse me a moment... (I beg you! Forgive me! But I needed photos for this page too!)

Okay, I'm back.

Mike and I originally met under a table (in 8th grade), when I was hiding from girls during a dance snowball.*   I looked to my right, and there he was.  (Shy?  Us?  Ha!)

*snowball: a dance in which, every 30 seconds or so, the music stops and all the couples on the dance floor have to separate and find new partners among the onlookers.  It starts with just one couple dancing, but snowballs until it eventually includes everyone in the room... unless you happen to be hiding under a table where no one can find you!