Fresh from our smash performance on the Ed Sullivan Show!

Mimo, Fronda and you-know-who. My mom's mom, sister and son. I suppose you're wondering why we have flowerpots on our heads. Well...

Little Stinky Spielman and I had just gotten married, on the spur of the moment, in little more than our swim suits, by a justice of the peace, in Las Vegas, because it was the first place we drove through where we could find a justice of the peace, a day after deciding to get married, while sitting naked in a waterhole created by a flash flood, in Bullet Canyon, UT, while backpacking. (I know it's a run-on sentence, but my mouth was full of information!)

When Suzanne's mom found out about it, she insisted we fly to New Jersey so they could throw us a wedding party. When my dad found out about THAT, he wanted to do the same for us in California.

So, naturally, at a party in Sherman Oaks, CA, one simply HAS to be photographed with a flowerpot on one's head!