Hit & Run Theatre Company

Electric High
After a show, one of our volunteers had her nose broken by the set, as we were taking it apart.  I still feel bad about it.
One of the annual free theater-in-the-park shows
Tales of the County
Left to right: Me, Michael Orloff, Cathy Borka (top), Janet Coster (bottom), Joanie Goldwater, Paul Herson (later replaced by Joanne Bailey).  We had the incredible luxury of spending months to create and rehearse the show, before it was ever performed.  It was tight!
A great show
The Bali Show
There was another version of this photo in which everyone had to grab someone else's breast
Such nice people!
The Squid Dance
Left to right: Ursula (her stage name), Mardi Eisenhart, and Diane Marvin, dancing squiddily at the Calamari Festival
Smile for the camera!

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