Okay, so here we are at a fork in the road...

Where do you want to go?

What, and Give Up Show Biz?
Robert (apple) and Angus (gun).  Photo by Paul Schraub
Hit & Run Theatre Co.
In My Life, I Loved Them All
Left to right: Fronda, Mimo, JoRaela, Lilly
La Familia
Why I Moved to Oregon:
Natalie and Aria on their horse
Natalie & Aria
Get Free Stuff!
The Hippo Ballet, so named by its three stars, Patricia Fitzgerald (right), Frank Duncan and Marilyn
Wow! We clicked here and
got Free Stuff!
Go East, Young Man!
JoAnne Bailey and Rory Kris in The Bali Show
Photos and Stories
For the Time of Your Life:
Help! I'm stuck in a photo booth with John Taylor, Mardi Eisenhart, and JoAnne Bailey!
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